The kindergarten is made up of three grade levels, ages 3 through 5. Its aim is to prepare the students for primary school by providing them a strong basic foundation for success.

High School

High school includes grades 7 through completion (ages 12-20). Students at this level work in preparation for university level work. This is the period where students work to develop and nurture their personalities as they mature to adulthood. It is also a period of great learning which determines a child’s direction in life. HCMKY’s hope is that each child will venture into a field which will help put Haiti back on track. We also hope some will choose ministry and help proclaim the word of God.

Primary School

The primary program includes first through sixth grade (ages 6-11). This section builds upon the foundation established in kindergarten and continues each child’s education in preparation for high-school.

Bible Institute

The “Haiti Bible & Theological Institute (HBTI),” a New Testament based school, aims to train, and prepare ministers, and Bible students to help build the universal Church of Jesus in Haiti and the world. It was created in 2012 and aims to operate both physically and online.

The students are taught by professors from both Haiti and the United States exposing them to courses taught in French, Creole, and in English. Students pay a small tuition fee to attend classes and earn credits in fields such as Bible and ministry, Christian Education, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Elementary education. We hope in time to add a course in agriculture.