HCMKY believes that Jesus built his church (Matthew 16:18) and left the apostles and prophets of the new Testament to proclaim the Message (Acts 1:8). Our teaching is founded on the inspired New Testament apostolic faith (Jude 3) devoid of human and earthly theological interpretations of traditions. We set out to plant churches throughout Haiti and preach the Word to anyone willing to listen.


Education is a major part of HCMKY’s mission. It gives those with the opportunity to pursue it the ability to read, be informed and make sound decisions in life. HCMKY provides kindergarten, primary, middle, high school, and bible focused college level programs to students in the communities it serves.


Good nutrition is fundamental to the development of children. To ensure the physical and mental health of the students, each is provided a hot meal per day. HCMKY aims to increase its meal provision to two meals per student each day at the kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.


HCMKY has recently expanded into health and wellness by establishing a much needed medical clinic in central Haiti. The goal is to provide communities with wholistic family healthcare services.