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The Christian School, which was started by Choubert and his wife, Bernadette, in 1995 with 30 students, now enrolls just over 200 K-9 students in the village.  These students, who cannot afford government run schools, learn basic reading, writing, science and math skills along with Christian principles and the Gospel message.


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The church Choubert started  is running around 150 and includes regular church services, elders training, youth programs, and weekly Bible studies.  God is truly using Choubert and his family to meet not only the spiritual needs of the community but also the physical needs as he provides many work opportunities for teachers, masons, electricians, etc. to bring a sense of confidence and community to the village.  They also provide regular medicine, food, clothes, and dental/medical clinics throughout the year with the help of American missionaries.


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The mission has also started a feeding program in partnership with Mission of Hope.  This will allow the school students to have one warm meal a day in addition to daily vitamin supplements.


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Choubert has just finished the fourth year of the Haiti Bible Institute (HBI) to help train and develop pastors in his area.  Choubert regularly teaches classes along with a number of other professors in the States who teach various Bible and English courses via Skype.


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