The nutrition program was first established in 1995 when we noticed the degree of malnutrition in the first students attending the preschool. To begin with, we provided a daily breakfast of cereal and milk or bread and peanut butter. In the months following the earthquake, HCMKY expanded the program by providing dry food for the whole community. As time progressed, due to a shortage of funding, the students at the Christian Academy in Tabarre now receive one hot meal on school days.

Inflation in Haiti has raised the cost of living to an unbearable rate, making regular nutrition a luxury for many children. We estimate that $4 per child will fund a single day’s ration. This would include a light and protein filled breakfast in addition to a single hot meal.

Between the school in Aumond and Tabarre Haiti, we hope to have nearly 250 students during the 2021-2022 school year.

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